We are dedicated to combating opioid abuse in New York by incorporating unique strains of cannabis that target specific conditions and the ability to provide data driven insights with individualized products and treatment.


To allow for continuity of care, State of Mind will provide physicians with progress reports on their patients to include prescriptions filled/refilled, and reported efficacy/tolerance. This information flow will strengthen the physician patient relationship with respect to medical cannabis.


State of Mind will aggregate anonymized patient reporting regarding the use and effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of various diagnoses. This will serve to facilitate in the formulation of specific genetics improving patient outcome.


State of Mind will follow the pharmaceutical model to directly engage with prescribing doctors to offer information to include: prescription writing, cannabis as an opioid alternative, opioid weaning, strain selection, THC:CBD ratios, terpene profiles, I-Stop compliance.

Physician Advisory Board

State of Mind has identified 17 medical specialties that are most closely related to the diagnoses treated with medical cannabis and its use. State of Mind Physician Advisory Board will meet quarterly to provide medical oversight and review best practices.