As practicing physicians, we saw the need for an alternative to the current medication approach that exists for the treatment of some of the most common disorders and diseases, most notably opioids. We have all seen the lives of many friends, family members, and patients spiral into the depths of opioid addiction. We also recognize how difficulty treating chronic pain can be, reducing pain without mental impairment, to restore functional level and quality of life.

An alternative for other commonly prescribed medications was also needed. Over prescribed anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID) are associated with a risk of ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. Concerns about liver toxicity from Tylenol. Moreover, there were many other conditions that patients simply did not want “just another pill” to treat. Patients were dealing with ineffective treatment plans, drug interactions with other medications, or unwanted side effect profile. We found patients were looking for natural or alternative to get relief.

What we learned was that cannabis has been used effectively as medicine throughout history. After extensive research, cannabis began to be introduced into patient’s treatment plans with profound results. Patients were able to wean off of opioids. Patient’s inflammatory conditions improved. Patient’s migraines were successfully treated. Patient’s IBS symptoms declined. Patients reported improved sleep and decreased anxiety. All with a high degree of patient satisfaction.

As our patient population grew and research continued it became evident that there were areas that could be improved, gaps that need to be filled, and an education program that needed to be prioritized. To address these issues State of Mind was formed with the commitment to educate and inform, address negative social perceptions, advocate for patients, develop highly effective condition specific plant strains, and make a profound impact on the states opioid problem.