Dr. Craig Antell,

Thank you so much for restoring my life. The medical cannabis program you enter me into has really changed my life around.

Since Covid-19 hit over two years ago I was personally devastated. I design high-end events both domestic and around the world. I was placed on unemployment and did not know which way to turn. I obtained a phycologist, whom I still see. I was drowning in real despair every day. My anxiety and depression really took over and I felt paralyzed.

During this time, I started to run again for exercise, and I had several physical issues with my hamstrings, knees and ankles. After physical therapy and some time to get my cannabis dosage to fit my needs, everything has leveled out.

I truly thank you and commend your work in this new field of medical marijuana. I wake up every day ready to go to work. My focus is stronger, and I am not “freaked out” over everyday tasks and communication with my friends, colleagues and family.

Expressing my gratitude to you!